Re-Rave Songliste

Im Voraus ein Dankeschön an, die die Songliste fast noch genauer als StepEvolution führen ;)



Folgende Songs sind integriert:


Chica Bomb Dan Balan
Beep Beep Boom The Banger Bros. feat. Mel Akai
Dynamo Oscillator X



Folgende Songs gibt es gratis zum Download:


Songpack 3

Rainspark Samxion7
Land Of The Lost Banzai
Never Comin Down Toby Emerson


Songpack 7


Eplilogue When Machines Dream
Elder God Shrine E-Racer
Freestyle Disco S.I.Futures
The Naughty Song Oscillator X



Kostenpflichtige Songpacks:


Songpack 1 (2,39 Euro)

Paranormal InspectorK
Sweet World Omega Man
Electric Universe Jacinta
Get Down Boogie Basement Freaks
Crazy Loop Crazy Loop


Songpack 2 (2,39 Euro)

In The Hall Of The Mountain King KaW
Paradise Smiley
Shoobadoo Alvson
Fleadh Uncut Ian Parker
Come On Come On Mike Mc Power



Songpack 4 (0,79 EUro)

Gemini Rameses B
Spot on Phunk Basement Freaks



Songpack 5 (0,79 Euro)

Can't keep it a secret Jacinta
Be Alive Stian K


Songpack 6 (0,79 Eero)

Ra Banzai
Alias Rameses B



Songpack 8 (2,39 Euro)

Remember December Smiley feat mr
Eternus sanx1on7
Adios Barcelona Alyson
Fall Silently Toby Emerson & Christoph Maitland feat. Veela
Super Strong Max Sedgley



Songpack 9 (2,39 Euro)

Bandito Remorse Code
Extra Medium The Double Dee Band
Far Away Frcus & Entity feat. Fraz
Once Again Utku S
Sound Boy Max Sedgley feat. Tor Cesav
The pure and the tainted Blue Stahli



Songpack 10 (0,79 EUro)

In The Heat Of The Night E-Rotic
Queen Of Light E-Rotic


Songpack 11 (0,79 EUro)

The Distillery Molotov
Past The Breakers Molotov


Songpack 12 (2,39 Euro)

23 Reasons TWOTHIRDS
The Emerald Lounge Zircon
Electric The DNC feat. Miss Amani
The Koto Chill Zircon
Rock That Style The Banger Bros.



Songpack 13 (0,79 EUro)

Hookie Mammuth Entity & Darwin
Your Own Destiny Entity & Darwin



Songpack 14 (0,79 EUro)

Tumble Rameses B
Bits & Bytes Rameses B



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für iPod Touch, iPhone und iPad
Geplant für Android

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